About us

Beautifully restored from an era long gone.

Immerse yourself in the Peranakans' rich heritage – a unique blend of Malay and Chinese cultures – via an interesting mix of architectural details and ornaments. Stroll down the colonial-styled arcade and check out intricate glazed tiles, pastel wash, and other quintessential Peranakan touches.

Good to go.

From the chic and intimate Alley Bar, to the energetic acoustic vibe at Acid Bar, and alfresco lush at ODD ONE OUT – we’ve got the lot!

Shop Listing

Acid Bar
Fused with inviting acoustic rhythms.

Alley Bar
Go on, shimmy down the alley.

Bee Cheng Hiang
A market leader in the barbecued meat industry.

Taka Jewellery
Because every woman deserves true value.

Resvera Life
A healthy lifestyle experience inspired by all five senses.

ODD ONE OUT • Food & Drink
Be spoilt for choice at this alfresco delight.

Money Changer
by Hanif Anisha Enterprise